Air Conditioning Efficiency TIPS

Summer time can bring some high utility bills, as we crank air conditioners. It’s a good idea, whether for your wallet or for the environment, to consider tips for making your air conditioner work more efficiently.

First, check the seals. Check around window units to make sure they are sealed and that extra heat isn’t getting into the house in the first place.

Check also that your attic is properly insulated, which does just as much good in the summer as it can in the winter. Insulation prevents attic heat from leaking into your home and also the cool air from escaping.

Keep your filter clean so the unit can operate better and keep vents clear. And consider ceiling fans to better circulate the air.

If you have central air, make sure the ducts are checked regularly; not only do they accumulate allergens, but they work harder when they get clogged and dirty.

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