You can’t imagine the thrill…

…it was to see you perform miracles on our white carpet.  Our precious dog accidentally got ballpoint ink on two places on our carpet.  We were amazed how you carefully removed the damaged carpet and replaced it with our extra piece of carpet.  No one would know that the carpet was repaired except you and us.  Thank you so much…. And by the way, the charge was very reasonable.


You were highly recommended…

…by our daughter Dianna so I listened to your consumer educational message, very informative about the way of cleaning carpets. Wonderful job cleaning the carpets and recliner we were very satisfied! I really enjoyed the honesty, politeness, quality of service and reasonable cost.  To top it off we were assured with guarantee of service, Thank You Randy.


We called David’s to ask for the best…

…and they referred you.  John and I enjoyed EVERYTHING about your service the friendly people, honesty, the professional job that was performed, promptness and the price was perfect as well.  Our carpet stays cleaner longer because dirt is completely removed.  You guys did the BEST!!!

Vivian & John
Massage Therapist & Lecturer/Author

We were moving into a home in which the previous owners had pets.  We thought, since it appeared to be in pretty bad shape, that we would have to go to the expense of replacing all the carpets. Randy is a professional, he took the time to analyze our carpet cleaning needs and the type of carpet and consulted with us. He priced his services up front there were no hidden costs.   Randy did an absolutely remarkable job of cleaning and restoring the nap.

We are extremely satisfied.

Thank you,
Retired Banker

After being unable to locate the phone number of the previous service provider, I used Bell South Yellow Pages.

Hansen’s was the only one that answered with a live voice.

Since our marriage, we’ve lived in six states and two foreign countries.  In all that time, I have never had as excellent an experience with carpet cleaning services as with Hansen Steamway. Thank you everything was more than satisfactory.
Margret & Robert
Homemaker & Pilot