Frequently Asked Questions

What method do you use to clean my carpets?

We use hot water extraction or steam cleaning, even though steam is not used. We apply a cleaning solution to the carpeting and treat for spots, stains, traffic lanes, and general soiling. Then we use a fresh water steam cleaning and rinse, in this way all traces of cleaner and soiling are removed from the carpeting. This method leaves little or no residue and insures that your carpeting stays cleaner longer.

Most major carpet manufacturers require hot water extraction by a professional carpet cleaner and you must save the receipts to fulfill the warranty requirements. Portable extraction with a rented unit may void the manufacturer’s warranty. A truck mounted steam cleaning unit mounted in our van cleans much better because it heats the water to a higher temperature, and shoots the cleaning solution into the carpet at a high pressure which breaks up the dirt, bacteria and pollens. Then the machine uses powerful suction to draw the dirt and water out of the carpet. As a comparison, a truck mounted steam cleaning unit costs around $35,000, where the dry chemical machines cost around $700.00.

Why do you charge by the square foot when other companies charge by the room?

We charge by the square foot because it is a more fair method for our clients. Everyone wants a fair deal and to get what they pay for. So the type of your carpet, the degree of soiling, and amount of time required to clean your carpet determines your cleaning price. This is why we offer a free, NO OBLIGATION pre-inspection and quote. We treat each home individually and charge each person for the amount and type of carpet they have. When you purchased your carpet, you probably bought it by the square yard. Purchasing carpet cleaning should be the same way; paying for the exact square footage. This way you are only charged for the amount of carpet cleaned, not for the “average” in everyone’s home.

Can I just measure my rooms and then give you the measurements?

You sure can, and we’ll try to help you over the phone. BUT we really want to give you the most cleaning options for the lowest price. For example, our carpet cleaning inspector will do a free pre-testing of the soil in your carpet to help you determine which areas in your home need which cleaning package. We usually can identify some areas of the home that may not need deep cleaning at all. This saves you money and lets you get the “maximum bang for your cleaning buck!”

Are the carpets wet after cleaning?

Usually your carpets will be damp after deep extraction cleaning. Depending upon what your carpet cleaning inspector discovers during your pre-inspection, we usually suggest the hot water extraction method, sometimes referred to as steam cleaning. This is the method recommended by most carpet manufacturers. Certain carpets require this method to fulfill their warrantees. Besides doing the best job of cleaning, hot water extraction is also recommended for improving the indoor environment.
When we leave, the carpet will be damp for several hours. Usually from 4 to 8 hours, depending upon the weather. If we need to really deep-clean the carpets to get out all the soil your carpets may be damp overnight.

While our cleaning crew is in your home, we may speed up the dry time with special air movers to get it as dry as possible before we leave.

I have a cat and a dog that have occasional accidents. Can you remove the odors and stains?

We do specialize in the removal of pet stains. As long as the carpet dye has not been damaged, we should be able to remove the occasional spots and deodorize to remove most of the odor. This does not apply to areas where the pet frequently urinates. We will be able to test the rugs to determine the degree of damage and give you an idea of the degree of restoration you can expect.
Pet urine can be a complicated procedure depending upon the degree of urine contamination in the carpeting. If the degree is light, we can take care of that by a topical treatment to neutralize the pet urine.

If the degree is heavy and has soaked through the carpeting into the pad and to the floor below, the best way to treat that is to lift the carpet in that area, replace the contaminated padding, seal the floor, replace the tack strip that holds the carpet in place, and clean both sides of the carpeting.

We have a urine detection light that can allow us to see the degree of biological contamination and give you an assessment of which method is best.

Do I have to remove the furniture?

Don’t worry about a thing! Our cleaning crew will carefully move your furniture and replace it on foam blocks or plastic tabs. Of course, some items we find it is better to leave in place and clean around, like very full bookcases that can’t be moved loaded. If you do want us to move a book case or a china cabinet we ask that you have it unloaded. But frankly most of our clients leave them where they are and we edge clean around them.

If possible, we would like for you to remove any small breakable items from the furniture that you want us to move. Then we’ll move your furniture out from the wall, clean under it, and then put it back in place with protectors underneath it.

Do I have to have the whole room cleaned?

No, we can clean traffic areas or open areas, if you prefer. But even though there may be parts of the room that do not receive heavy foot traffic, these areas receive soil build-up deposited by air currents and are attached to the fiber by cooking oils and so on. We can clean just the open areas, but for the small additional charge we recommend that you have the whole room cleaned.

The carpet salesman told me to hold off cleaning my carpet as long as possible because it resoils quickly. Is this true?

Well… yes and no! At one time, yes, your carpet resoiled quicker after cleaning. But that was over twenty years ago! When on-location cleaning first began, shampooing was the most popular method. The shampoos left a sticky residue that caused resoiling. Just imagine if you shampooed your hair and then didn’t rinse it!

But today’s equipment, especially the hot water extraction method, and the rinsing agents we use have been refined so that your carpets are left nearly residue free. Frequent cleaning actually extends the life of your carpet and is recommended by most manufacturers and the EPA.

Why shouldn’t I rent a machine and clean it myself?

That is a valid option for you to consider. If you decide to clean your carpets yourself, we’ll even give you ideas on how to do it. We really do want to help you keep your carpets clean, whether we do the work right now or not. And we’re confident that sooner or later you’ll need our services!

But before you go through the ordeal of cleaning your own carpets here’s something to consider. Rental machines can do an acceptable job IF they have been maintained, IF the fiber producers have approved the cleaners, and IF you spend enough time and effort. Unfortunately, those are some pretty big IF’s.

If you use the wrong cleaners or techniques, you may void the warranty or damage the carpet. Frankly, most people who have cleaned their own carpet seldom do it again. But if after our inspector tests your carpets, you still want to try it on your own, he’ll be happy to give you some tips on do-it-yourself cleaning.

Your price is higher compared to the ads I see in the paper!

It’s understandable that you feel that way. Many of our clients felt the same way at one time. Some of them even tried what we call the “cut rate cleaners.” And if you want to give them a shot, we understand and want you to feel free to give us a call for your next cleaning. But what many of our clients have found is that the old saying is so true: “You get what you pay for.” The reason they always come back to us is we really do give better value for the dollar. Ask yourself what expense the “cut rate operations” have eliminated? Insurance, bonding, high quality technicians or maybe they save money on inadequate employee training? We really do keep our clients for life, and we can do that only by being profitable. This allows us to use the best technology and attract the best technicians. Once you have tried our service, you will see the difference and if you don’t feel our services are worth the money – we cheerfully refund every penny – no questions asked!

My carpet has special stain protection built in. Will your cleaning take that off?

Absolutely not, our certified technicians have been trained in the proper techniques and use approved cleaners so that your carpet warranty is upheld. The use of improper cleaners will void your carpet warranty. Then if you wish to renew any carpet protector that has worn off from foot traffic and vacuuming, we have cleaning packages available that provide an extra level of protection.

What is protectant, and do I need protectant on my carpet?

Protectant is a clear, odorless coating that we apply under pressure to your cleaned carpeting. It makes vacuuming more effective because soil cannot cling to a coated surface. It’s the protection you need from everyday soil and spills. It’s a great investment in your carpets! Protectant (sometimes generically referred to as “scotchguard”) is an excellent investment. Besides protecting your carpet against spills and soil, protectant gives you additional excellent stain protection. Protectant also makes the carpet respond better to future cleaning. Our technician will decide which protectant to apply to your carpeting that will produce the most benefits.

How often should I vacuum; and should I vacuum before you clean?

You really can’t vacuum your carpets too much. Vacuuming is the most important element in keeping your carpet in good shape. Traffic areas should be vacuumed daily or at least twice a week, and the other areas weekly. Feel free to ask our specialists for more ideas on maintaining your carpet while they are in your home. Proper maintenance of even an inexpensive vacuum will help keep your carpet looking newer for a longer period of time. It is advisable that you vacuum your carpet before we clean. However, we include a very powerful vacuuming in our cleaning package, so don’t worry about it if you don’t have time.

My home has wool carpeting, and I was told that I should be careful how it is cleaned.

You are right to be concerned. Wool carpets are beautiful and expensive. It does require specialized cleaners and cleaning. That is why we do fiber testing before we begin. We enjoy cleaning wool or any other natural fibers because it gives our specialists the opportunity to really shine!

We have just bought a house, and the previous owners smoked. Can you get rid of this (and other household) smells?

Very possibly yes, but be sure not to move any belongings into your home until after the cleaning. We can clean and deodorize the carpets. The drapes should also be cleaned and deodorized. If the problem is severe, we may need to perform special deodorization techniques and services. Our technician will be able to advise you after his inspection and testing. Carpet, through continuous use, contains bacteria and other harmful substances such as mold and mildew spores which are harmful to our health and which emit unpleasant odor. We use a technologically advanced deodorizing agent which gets to the source of the problem destroying the harmful bacteria, germs, mold, and mildew spores and other harmful substances in our carpets and upholstery which can affect our health adversely.

Do you clean upholstery? What process do you use?

Yes we do. First we test the fabric to be sure of the proper cleaning method. Second, we test the upholstery to be sure there will be no color bleeding or fading. Third, we pre-condition the fabric with a general upholstery cleaner and then we treat the individual soiled areas and spots with the appropriate cleaner. Fourth, we gently use a horsehair upholstery brush to agitate the detergents. Fifth, we rinse the fabric with a pH balanced softened hot water rinse to remove all traces of the cleaner and soiling. Depending on the color of the fabric we use a finishing spray to prevent browning. We then spray a protectant on the cleaned surface.

I have a very expensive Oriental area rug. Can you clean it?

Yes we can. We are pleased to have Sevier Counties ONLY IICRC certified Rug Cleaning Technician. We test the fiber on your rug to determine the type, and use fiber-specific detergents. With our pick up and delivery service and can have a turn-around time of no more than one week if scheduled in advance. With our efficient cleaning and drying time, you are not without your rug for very long.

If you would like to schedule your carpet, upholstery, or area rug to be cleaned, give us a call 865 453-5624