Before we arrive:

1. Prepare areas to be cleaned by removing any small items of furniture, tables, lamps etc. If you would like us to move the furniture, please clear them of all items. (especially anything breakable or valuable.)

2. Please provide a clear path to all areas.

3. We will require an outside water faucet to provide water for the cleaning process. In some cases we may also require an electrical outlet.

4. Please provide a parking space as near the door as possible.

5. We love children and pets, however because we are working with machinery and for their safety, we ask that they be kept away from the immediate area of operation.

6. Be sure to point out any spots, spills or other areas of concern. Some folks may be embarrassed to show us their “dirty carpets”. Just remember we’re professional at this! (You’d be amazed at some of the things we’ve seen!)

Identifying any problems areas before beginning our 12 step cleaning process allows us to use our training and technical “know-how” to determine the best procedures, cleaning solutions and techniques to give you the best cleaning possible!

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