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My company Hansen Steam Way exists to…

My company Hansen Steam Way exists to help you avoid being taken advantage of by what we call “uneducated, uninformed, and sometimes downright unscrupulous” carpet cleaners.

Every day, consumers are being over charged, lied to, stood up, and generally mistreated by shady carpet cleaners. To add insult to injury, due to the lack of training and absence of care that many companies and individuals have in our industry, they are using techniques that are literally harming your carpets, rugs, and floors, and contributing to an unhealthy indoor environment.

Hansen Steam Way has become the most respected, experienced carpet cleaning company in the Sevier County area. It has even gained a reputation for being passionate about educating consumers and the industry on best practices. Even if you aren’t local to the Sevier County area, this book will provide you with the tools and knowledge to employ the best carpet cleaning service in your area.

Carpet cleaning was not the career I dreamed of growing up. I’m Amber Hansen, Vice President of Hansen Steam Way.

I dreamed about becoming a flight attendant, a cruise director, or maybe even a private pilot. Despite my childhood ambitions of grand travel, I could not have known that I had already begun my career in the cleaning industry by the time I was one year old.

MicroSeal of The Smokies

MicroSeal of The Smokies
Your home’s carpeting, rugs, furniture and textiles are important investments that say a lot about you and your lifestyle. You want to protect them and you want them looking as perfect as the day you brought them into your home. Hansen Steam Way is a full service textile cleaning and sealing company exclusively licensed in our area to apply MicroSeal – a non-toxic  and non-allergenic fabric protection formula for permanent stain and sun fading protection. Your home’s expensive textiles, fabrics and fibers will all benefit from this unique product. Initially developed by researchers in the United Kingdom to imitate the natural protection scientists found in sheep’s wool, it is, quite simply, the perfect protectant. Hansen Steam Way protects your investments with a non toxic, non allergenic fabric protection formula for permanent stain and sun fade protection.
Still have questions? Give us a call at 865.453.5624 or visit us online at hansensteamway.com to schedule a job or consultation. We’ll get back to you just as soon as we can. Thank you for considering Hansen Steam Way to protect all of those things important in your home.

A book about carpet cleaning?

A book about carpet cleaning?

Who knew such a piece of writing exists to make a major difference in your consumer decision-making process? My new book “How to Avoid… Nightmare Carpet Cleaners!” is useful for both consumers and carpet cleaning service providers. Subtitled “7 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Professional Carpet Cleaner,” my book will help you if you have ever found yourself in the following scenario:

Have you ever received a coupon for carpet cleaning for something like $39.95 for three rooms of cleaning?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you actually hire someone from one of those ads?

A guy that looks a little “questionable” shows up…overcharges you, and does a lousy job on top of it!

You would have been better off not even cleaning the carpet!

As you will find in this book, actually caring for your carpet and selecting the right professional cleaning company will provide the following benefits:
1. Your carpet will last longer.
2. Your carpet will look better.
3. You will have a better experience.

Take note, if your carpet cleaning company cannot make these claims, you might need to rethink your strategies!

This book not only shows you how to avoid that carpet-cleaning-coupon trap, but also teaches you seven questions to ask to find the most reputable, experienced, professional carpet cleaner available.

If you’ve never paid close attention to the floor below your feet, my book will instruct you in the care of your carpet, ensuring its long life and luster. Ready to learn more?

May download a FREE copy of my book on Hansen Steam Way website, visit home page

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Next time you have to make a visit to your health care provider, don’t forget to bring along some questions. To ensure your health and safety, you need to both inform your doctor and become informed yourself. Here are some questions you may want to ask.
}} Does this medication have any side effects?
}} Will it interact with any of my current medications? (Bring a list of what you are currently taking.)
}} Should I watch for any unusual symptoms or signs during this course of treatment?
}} What food, drugs, or activities should I avoid while receiving this treatment?
}} What should I do if I miss a dose of my medication?
}} When can I stop taking this medication?
}} What can I do to best assist my treatment or recovery?
}} While I’m here, is there any other thing I need a check-up for?
}} How can I best contact you if I need to?
Don’t try to remember everything said during your visit. Plan on taking notes or bring along a relative or friend to take notes for you. You can record your visit to help you remember all the facts. Your doctor can also write down instructions for you or give you printed material explaining your treatment

Airbag Safety

Airbag Safety

Driver and passenger airbags in vehicles have been required by the federal government since 1999 for all cars, light trucks, and vans. Airbags have been proven to save lives–more than 147,000 people are alive today because of airbags in their vehicles. But airbags also have injured people in accidents, sometimes causing serious injury or death.

Who is at the greatest risk for injury? Unbelted occupants, especially passengers, are at risk because they are likely to move forward if there is hard braking or other violent maneuvers before a crash, causing them to be seated too close for safe airbag deployment. When riding in a vehicle, you should always buckle your safety belt and keep about ten inches between your chest and the cover of the airbag module.

Children and infants can also be at risk, due to their smaller size and the improper use of car seats. A rear facing infant seat should never be placed in a seat that is equipped with an airbag. Children under the age of twelve should be seated in the back seat of the vehicle and should always be properly restrained. The back seat is always the safest place for a child.

Problem! What Carpet Fiber Should I Choose? Special Report Continued:

Problem! What Carpet Fiber Should I Choose? Special Report Continued:

Polyester has some excellent qualities and the dye method makes it very resistant to bleaching, fading and soil dye reactions. It is very resistant to water-based stains, but it is not resistant to oily stains. In fact, an oily spill or spot left without proper cleanup can oxidize and even chemically bond with, and become part of, the fiber. You need to know that some of these spots just won’t come out.

Polyester is not a resilient fiber. When crushed it does not regain its original shape easily. Traffic areas tend to lie down, showing “apparent soiling”. Furniture marks can be permanent reminders to the owner of where his furniture used to be. Even when cleaned properly it will lay flat. It tends to lie in different directions (nap reversal) down a heavily traveled hall or room and is very noticeable. The appearance from the nap reversal then looks like a snake down the hall or a pool of water in the middle of a room. Definite improvements have been made by heat setting and using finer yarns, but crimp loss can still be a problem. This is a characteristic of polyester, not a defect.

Inviting Guestrooms

Inviting Guestrooms
Inviting Guestrooms
With the holidays just around the corner, you are probably planning for some guests in your home. If you are able to offer your guests a room of their own during their visit, here are some ways to make the space comfortable, hospitable, and inviting.
Along with clean bed linens, consider adding a featherbed mattress topper, extra pillows, and extra blankets for your guests. If there is space
available, have a small upholstered chair in a corner. Offer some bottled water and some light snacks. The room should have adequate lighting,
including a reading light by the bed.
Keep knick-knacks in your guest room to a minimum, so that your guests do not feel crowded. Provide a place for your guests to place their purse,
keys, and other small items. Consider placing a luggage rack or small table in the room. Clear a space in the closet and include some empty
hangers. One or two empty drawers are also helpful.
Window coverings in your guest room should give good light control and privacy. Make sure the door to your guestroom has a functioning lock.
The Extras
A simple alarm clock is a necessity. Keep a pad of paper and some pens on the nightstand. Tissues, an ironing board and iron, and a hair dryer
are also welcome by guests. Place a flashlight in a bedside drawer and offer your guests a copy of your house key. Plan to offer your guests
some magazines or a newspaper. Adding a small television with a remote to your guestroom is also essential for some guests. Finally, if
your guests are interested in visiting local tourist attractions, fill a basket with a local map and some tourist brochures.

Problem! What Carpet Fiber Should I Choose? Special Report Continued:

Problem! What Carpet Fiber Should I Choose? Special Report Continued:

Nylon has definitely been the most widely used fiber in the residential environment, and for good reason. Nylon is very resilient, has good dry soil resistance, and doesn’t present as many cleaning challenges.

Nylon is also very resistant to spillage. Since most residential nylon is not solution dyed but dyed after the carpet is made, it is not impossible to stain; however, if the spot is attended to in a timely manner, one can expect excellent spot removal results. Residential nylon carpets are also treated with a fluorochemical such as 3M Scotchgard™ or DuPont Teflon, which helps tremendously with dry soil resistance and stain resistance.

According to a Consumer Reports article in the August 1998 issue, branded nylons performed better than non-branded ones.

Wool is more resistant to foot traffic than any other fiber. This is the reason that you see Oriental rugs that have lasted for so many generations. Wool hides dry soil naturally and is not adversely affected by it for quite some time. Another wonderful aspect of wool is that it is a great insulator. In the winter your home will be warmer inside and in the summer it will be cooler. However, the cheaper wool stains easily and may not be the choice where children and pets are present.