Activities for ACTIVE Kids

Keep kids active this summer by playing fun backyard games like balloon games, a create-your-own obstacle course, and water fun.
To set up the balloon volleyball, hang a jump rope across an area and use inflated balloons to make it easy for all age groups to join in. You could also place two jump ropes across each other to create a modified four square court to also use with balloons.
When creating an obstacle course, get creative with cardboard boxes, ropes, hula hoops, and lawn furniture.
Give everyone an opportunity to add something to the mix. Affordable pool noodles also make great obstacle course equipment.
Give it a refreshing spin by adding in sprinklers and inflatable pools. Always keep safety in mind, however.
Water balloons and water gun fights are always a classic form of summer entertainment. Save yourself some time by filling up buckets with water and placing them around the yard as quick fill-up stations for squirt guns. Follow up with some homemade popsicles.

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