Bait & Switch Red Flag #3

RED FLAG #3: A weak guarantee. Here is a typical guarantee from a low-price carpet cleaner.  “If you are not satisfied with our recommended service, we will come back and clean the areas again at no charge.”  In other words, if you only use the coupon deal and not the “recommended service” (extra charge) there is no guarantee! And if you do use the “recommended” service, and are not satisfied they will come back out and clean again at no charge. How generous! Will they refund your money? Not likely. At least not without a fight.  A weak guarantee is no guarantee at all. And if it is not a money-back guarantee, what good is it?  Hansen Steam Way never uses bait and switch tactics. We believe in doing a great job at a fair price every time for every customer. There are no hidden charges. We guarantee that you will be absolutely thrilled, or your cleaning is free. No fine print required.

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