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Bubbly, Blonde and Born to Clean! How I got into this business in the first place:
As I grew up, I learned a lot of valuable information, as well as skills in the world of cleaning. It became a part of me I would never permanently move away from. At the age of age 8, I knew the proper way to clean up spills on carpet and remove chewing gum from my hair and clothes. I got in trouble only once for an ignored spill and gum in my
hair—I was a quick study on spot removal just to stay out of trouble. Spills and gum were child’s play wherever I was after that. In 1996, Hansen Steam Way opened for business with a portable machine, top-of-the-line cleaning agents, experience, and great customer service.

Soon after entering the business, I became aware of the bait-and-switch tactics unscrupulous carpet cleaners were using. In fact, when I first got my equipment, a fellow waiter asked me to clean his carpet. When I told him how much it would be, he responded, “I see ads in the newspaper all the time for $5.95 per room!”

No one can make money and run a professional business at those prices. That low price is just to get the cleaners in the door. Once inside, they recommend their “deep scrub” method, which costs much more. After all, you have spots on your carpet! The cleaners then proceed to load your carpet with soap that leaves a sticky residue behind. Now your carpet attracts dirt like a magnet and your spots return. But this time they’re bigger and uglier. You call the company back, and they figure out how to blame it on you.

This has to STOP! My book How To Avoid… Carpet Cleaning Nightmares! will empower you with knowledge about the carpet cleaning industry and how to employ a high quality professional carpet cleaning service. Keep reading!

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