Carpet Cleaning in Winter? Really?

Carpet Cleaning in Winter? Really?


This is the time of the year when you may wonder if it makes sense to get your carpets cleaned. Great question! But first, let’s think about this… Does it make sense to clean your wood or tile floors in the winter? Does it make sense to clean your bed linens in winter? Of course.

For some reason, many people treat their carpet differently. It’s as if the carpet was
somehow magically immune to soiling because the weather is cool. Logically, this
is not true.

It’s what you can’t see that is the problem.

Modern carpets do a great job of hiding soil. This may lead you to think you only
need to clean your carpets once a year or when they “look” dirty. But according to
the EPA, most households should clean carpets at least twice a year, maybe more
depending on lifestyle and other factors.

This may surprise you until you think about all of the soils, allergens, oils, pollutants
and contaminants that carpet traps.

In most homes, carpet is the largest filter, trapping soils, pollutants and pet and
human dander (dead skin cells, which we shed by the millions every day and dust
mites live for).

The fact is that winter is a great time to get your carpets cleaned. Here are a few
reasons why.

You’re worth it!

One reason for cleaning your carpets in the winter is that you want your home to
look great for visiting friends and relatives during the Holidays. Nothing makes your
home feel clean and inviting quite like freshly cleaned carpets.

Even if you don’t expect guests, you will be spending more time at home in the winter, so you want it to look nice for you, too.

Of course, there are far more important reasons to clean your carpet than
appearance. In fact, if you wait until your carpets look dirty before you clean them,
you have waited too long. Soil damages carpet, dramatically reducing its usable life.

Can you imagine waiting until your clothes look dirty before laundering them? Of
course not. That would be unhealthy and they would probably begin to smell before
they looked dirty. Carpet is no different.

During the summer, pollen and other pollutants enter your home and become
trapped in the carpets. In the fall, mold spores are more prevalent, again, becoming trapped in your carpet fibers. All of this just in time for you to close things up
for the winter and spend more time inside… Not a pretty picture is it?

It’s bad enough that winter is the time when people suffer from cold and flu
without adding poor indoor air quality to aggravate conditions such as
asthma and allergies.

Carpets tend to dry faster in the winter because the humidity is lower and most
of us are using our furnaces. Warm, dry air is great for drying carpets!

Clean the winter blues away..

Remember that in winter, days are shorter. Darkness comes earlier and lasts longer. A clean, fresh, healthy carpet is a great way to help fight off the winter doldrums. A clean, neat home just makes you feel better.

Hansen Steam Way is usually busiest during the Holidays; everyone wants a clean house for family and guests. Call now to book your cleaning before the big rush!

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