Got rug stains?

Have you ever asked yourself, how do I clean spills off my rug?

In your daily routine and interactions with children, pets, and friends getting together for an event, accidents such as spills will occur. In moments like that, it is important to act quickly, but most importantly to take the appropriate steps to address the problem. This is important because it can avoid any permanent damage.

Many times, it is easy to react incorrectly to the situation because of the desperation to get the spill cleaned up, but that is why it is important to remain calm and know how to take the appropriate steps. Depending on the spill or when in doubt, you should consider having it professionally cleaned immediately.

Spot and Spill Procedures

Make sure that you safely and immediately clean up spots and spills before they set.

  • First, soak up the excess liquid by blotting with a clean absorbent material. Do not brush or rub the stain.
  • Blot dry until most of the moisture has been absorbed
  • For stains that do not come out using these methods, Call 865-607-5671 and ask our cleaning specialists.

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