Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Whether you are planning on hosting a crowd for your holiday get-together or you are anticipating a quiet holiday with family and friends, it is nice to have a clean and organized home for the holidays. Get a jump start on your preholiday housework and the task will seem more manageable. These tips will help  you stay on top of your work, leaving you more time to enjoy the holidays.

Tackle the big tasks first

Launder and press your holiday table linens. Clean your oven and refrigerator well. Do a thorough dusting of your home, wash your windows, and do a general tidying of all the clutter. Spot clean your carpet. Clean bathrooms well.

Move on to the smaller things

Gather together the china and silverware  you will be using. Plan your holiday menu and prepare any dishes that can be cooked ahead of time.  Wash out trash cans as necessary. Sweep and mop floors.

Don’t forget the little details

On the day your  guests are due to arrive, walk through your home and remove any remaining clutter. Set the table. Clean mirrors in the bathrooms and polish the faucets. Empty trash from wastebaskets. Put clean towels in the bathrooms and kitchen. Straighten toss pillows. Put on some holiday music.

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