New Book Coming Soon

A book about carpet cleaning? Who knew such a piece of writing exists to make a major difference in your consumer decision-making process? My new book “How to Avoid… Nightmare Carpet Cleaners!” is useful for both consumers and carpet cleaning service providers. Subtitled “7 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Professional Carpet Cleaner,” my book will help you if you have ever found yourself in the following scenario:

Have you ever received a coupon for carpet cleaning for something like $39.95 for three rooms of cleaning?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you actually hire someone from one of those ads?

A guy that looks a little “questionable” shows up…overcharges you, and does a lousy job on top of it!

You would have been better off not even cleaning the carpet!

As you will find in this book, actually caring for your carpet and selecting the right professional cleaning company will provide the following benefits:
1. Your carpet will last longer.
2. Your carpet will look better.
3. You will have a better experience.

Take note, if your carpet cleaning company cannot make these claims, you might need to rethink your strategies!

This book not only shows you how to avoid that carpet-cleaning-coupon trap, but also teaches you seven questions to ask to find the most reputable, experienced, professional carpet cleaner available.

If you’ve never paid close attention to the floor below your feet, my book will instruct you in the care of your carpet, ensuring its long life and luster. Ready to learn more?

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