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Book Coming Soon!!

Bubbly, Blonde and Born to Clean! How I got into this business in the first place:
As I grew up, I learned a lot of valuable information, as well as skills in the world of cleaning. It became a part of me I would never permanently move away from. At the age of age 8, I knew the proper way to clean up spills on carpet and remove chewing gum from my hair and clothes. I got in trouble only once for an ignored spill and gum in my
hair—I was a quick study on spot removal just to stay out of trouble. Spills and gum were child’s play wherever I was after that. In 1996, Hansen Steam Way opened for business with a portable machine, top-of-the-line cleaning agents, experience, and great customer service.

Soon after entering the business, I became aware of the bait-and-switch tactics unscrupulous carpet cleaners were using. In fact, when I first got my equipment, a fellow waiter asked me to clean his carpet. When I told him how much it would be, he responded, “I see ads in the newspaper all the time for $5.95 per room!”

No one can make money and run a professional business at those prices. That low price is just to get the cleaners in the door. Once inside, they recommend their “deep scrub” method, which costs much more. After all, you have spots on your carpet! The cleaners then proceed to load your carpet with soap that leaves a sticky residue behind. Now your carpet attracts dirt like a magnet and your spots return. But this time they’re bigger and uglier. You call the company back, and they figure out how to blame it on you.

This has to STOP! My book How To Avoid… Carpet Cleaning Nightmares! will empower you with knowledge about the carpet cleaning industry and how to employ a high quality professional carpet cleaning service. Keep reading!

6 Tips To Help Your Carpet Stay Beautiful Longer.

Final 3 tips of the 6 tips to help your carpet stay beautiful longer.

4. Respond quickly to spills. Clean spots and spills by blotting with an absorbent towel. The longer a spill sits, the harder it is to remove.

5. Don’t wait until your carpet looks dirty. By the time carpet is visibly soiled, permanent damage has already occurred. Although every home is different, you should never go more than 18 months between professional carpet cleanings. Most carpet warranties are voided if you wait that long. In homes with children and pets, smokers, or
allergy sufferers, you should have the carpets professionally cleaned twice a year at a minimum. Most homes do well with one to two professional cleanings a year.
6. Have your carpet protected.  Modern carpeting has soil retardants such as 3M Scotchgard, DuPont Teflon and stain resistors factory applied, but these finishes do not last forever. Periodically, your carpet needs to have the protector
professionally reapplied so that common food and beverage spills are easily blotted up and your carpets stay cleaner longer.  For more information about how to maintain your carpets or to schedule your next cleaning, call Hansen
Steam Way today.

Book Coming Soon

My company Hansen Steam Way exists to help you avoid being taken advantage of by what we call “uneducated, uninformed, and sometimes downright unscrupulous” carpet cleaners.

Every day, consumers are being over charged, lied to, stood up, and generally mistreated by shady carpet cleaners. To add insult to injury, due to the lack of training and absence of care that many companies and individuals have in our industry, they are using techniques that are literally harming your carpets, rugs, and floors, and contributing to an unhealthy indoor environment.

Hansen Steam Way has become the most respected, experienced carpet cleaning company in the Sevier County area. It has even gained a reputation for being passionate about educating consumers and the industry on best practices. Even if you aren’t local to the Sevier County area, this book will provide you with the tools and knowledge to employ the best carpet cleaning service in your area.

Carpet cleaning was not the career I dreamed of growing up. I’m Amber Hansen, Vice President of Hansen Steam Way.

I dreamed about becoming a flight attendant, a cruise director, or maybe even a private pilot. Despite my childhood ambitions of grand travel, I could not have known that I had already begun my career in the cleaning industry by the time I was one year old.

6 tips to help your carpet stay beautiful longer

6 tips to help your carpet stay beautiful longer:

First 3 Tips:
1. Vacuum. The single most important maintenance step is to vacuum your carpets regularly- at least twice a week in
high-traffic areas, preferably more often.  Everywhere else should be vacuumed a minimum of once a week. Some
households need to vacuum more often depending on the number of occupants and pets and lifestyle considerations.
2. Control soil. One way is removing street shoes when entering the house.  Wear house shoes, socks or slippers rather than going barefoot as sweat and oils from your feet attach to carpet and attract soils.
3. Keep hard floors clean. Sticky or oily residues tracked onto carpet from hard floors bond to soils. This leads to obvious dirty traffic patterns leading from areas like the kitchen, garage and even bathrooms.

New Book Coming Soon

A book about carpet cleaning? Who knew such a piece of writing exists to make a major difference in your consumer decision-making process? My new book “How to Avoid… Nightmare Carpet Cleaners!” is useful for both consumers and carpet cleaning service providers. Subtitled “7 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Professional Carpet Cleaner,” my book will help you if you have ever found yourself in the following scenario:

Have you ever received a coupon for carpet cleaning for something like $39.95 for three rooms of cleaning?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you actually hire someone from one of those ads?

A guy that looks a little “questionable” shows up…overcharges you, and does a lousy job on top of it!

You would have been better off not even cleaning the carpet!

As you will find in this book, actually caring for your carpet and selecting the right professional cleaning company will provide the following benefits:
1. Your carpet will last longer.
2. Your carpet will look better.
3. You will have a better experience.

Take note, if your carpet cleaning company cannot make these claims, you might need to rethink your strategies!

This book not only shows you how to avoid that carpet-cleaning-coupon trap, but also teaches you seven questions to ask to find the most reputable, experienced, professional carpet cleaner available.

If you’ve never paid close attention to the floor below your feet, my book will instruct you in the care of your carpet, ensuring its long life and luster. Ready to learn more?

Is Carpet a Good Choice for Your Home?

Is Carpet a Good Choice for Your Home?

While many people are turning to hard floors for a variety of reasons, there are still 7 excellent reasons to choose
carpeting for your home.

Carpet is beautiful – Carpet offers limitless varieties of textures, colors, patterns and styles; there is a carpet available to suit almost any taste.  Carpet is a good value – The average cost of synthetic residential carpet with pad and professional installation is around $2.50 to $5.00 per square foot.  Carpet is warm – Carpet insulates, typically resulting in 10% or more of energy savings. Not only that, but carpet makes a room feel warmer too.

Carpet is quieter – Carpet absorbs sound, making a house quieter and more relaxing. If you have ever heard a 75
pound Golden Retriever running on a wood floor, you understand this benefit.

Carpet is safer – Carpet reduces the occurrence of slips and falls and the severity of injuries from these accidents.
This is especially important in a home occupied by the elderly and small children.

Carpet is healthier – According to the EPA, carpet traps pollutants instead of allowing them to be distributed in the air.
The result? Homes and buildings with properly maintained carpets generally have better air quality than those with
hard flooring.

Carpet is easier – Interim care of carpet is accomplished simply by vacuuming.  Depending on the number of people and
pets, this may be done in as little as 3 or 4 hours a month in the typical household.  Aside from prompt attention to spills, this is usually all that is needed between professional cleanings.

Stay tuned for – 6 tips to help your carpet stay beautiful longer:

Color Tips For Room Decorating

Color Tips For Room Decorating

You may not realize it, but the colors in your room can make all the difference.  Color can influence the mood and tone of a room.
Blues: Cool, calming, and a sense of restfulness.
Reds: Exciting and stimulating.
Greens: Cool, reflective, and relaxing.
Yellows: Bright and cheery, energetic and expansive.
Whites: Clean and inviting.
Choose one color to be your main focus and then accent it with one or two complimentary colors.  Color can be anywhere in a room, from the walls and floors, to your furniture and accent pieces.  Add fringe to pillow put up new curtains, add color with candles—the possibilities are endless.  Keep in mind also that lighting can change the way colors look in a room.  When choosing colors, view them under the same lighting that you will have in your room first.