3 Powerful Reasons to Maintain Your Floors

Reason #1: Your Floors and Fabrics Will Last Longer

Planned maintenance can dramatically increase the life of your floors and fabrics. Bonded traffic area soil that is not removed with vacuuming is just like sandpaper on your floor. It cuts and slices your floor until traffic areas look worn.

Reason #2: Your House Will Look and Smell Better

The appearance of floor coverings and fabrics in your home has a huge impact on how people feel about it. Whether it is a friend or family member, the appearance of your home will cause them to think a certain way about you. Whether it is intentional or not. Planned maintenance keeps your home top-notch at all times.

Reason #3: You Will Be More Productive

The appearance of your home also has an affect on your productivity. If the space is clean and appealing, you are naturally more productive. Do we dare mention Indoor Air Quality Issues or Sick Building Syndrome? Absences due to sickness are many times directly related to air quality issues. Regular maintenance keeps the contaminants out of your floors and fabrics. If a carpet is properly maintained it can serve as a wonderful filter. It captures and holds pollen, bacteria, and contaminants. Like a sink – when the sink becomes full it can no longer filter as well. The answer is NOT hard surface floors because hard surface floors don’t filter at all, so these contaminants become airborne much easier.

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