Six Reasons to Get Your Carpets Cleaned

  1. Events- Experience proves that more carpet cleaning is done especially around the holiday season, graduations or other special occasions because this creates an urgency that doesn’t exist otherwise.
  2. Visible Soil- Whether it is a spot or a traffic area, it just becomes unsightly. Many times waiting until your carpet is visibly soiled is waiting too late. Traffic area damage may have occurred, and spots may have become permanent.
  3. Maintenance- This is one of the best reasons to get a cleaning service. By properly caring for your carpet, you will dramatically increase the useful life of your carpet and it will look better all the time.
  4. Health- This is also a great reason to clean, especially now during our times this should be a priority. As your carpet does its job as a “sink” or a “filter” it eventually becomes full. It is catching pollens, bacteria, insecticides, asphalt and many other contaminants that need to be cleaned out.
  5. Problem Solving- Occasionally something happens to a textile that appears to be a defect, but can actually be corrected through professional cleaning. Usually carpet manufacturers will require your carpet to be serviced by a certified professional cleaning firm.
  6. Odor Problems- Pet odors, cooking orders, and others make their way into carpets, rugs, fabrics and floors. Get a complete evaluation from our consultant.

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