Make Your HEARING Last for Life

Though age can be a factor, hearing loss isn’t a definite condition of advancing years. By protecting your hearing, you could have excellent
hearing throughout your retirement years. The main cause of hearing loss
is on the rise: loud noise.

Much of the damage is from sound systems in movie theaters, cars, and home theaters. Also, power devices like leaf blowers and snow blowers
can be extremely harmful.

There are many things you can do to preserve your hearing. Don’t blast
the music. Use earplugs or insulated ear muffs when operating loud power
equipment. Learn to recognize the signs of hearing loss, and have your
hearing checked.

Early treatment of infection or disease affecting your ears is a proven
way to make the most of the hearing you have.

Unfortunately, while the damage cannot be cured or reversed, the
progression of hearing loss can be prevented by protecting the ears from
further high-noise exposure.

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