PROTECT Against Termites

Termite damage is not always covered under homeowner’s insurance. That’s why it’s essential to get periodic home inspections and treatment.

In addition, here are some key ways to prevent infestations of all termite types.

Keep home foundations dry: Don’t regularly spray water on foundations. Slope gutters so that they drain away from the house.

Be careful with mulch. Don’t mulch around foundations. Keep wood mulch as far away as possible from the house. Also, remove any scrap wood and wooden debris. Quickly dispose of any fallen branches from around your house.

Avoid using timbers or railroad ties as edging around your house. Metal, plastic, or brick edging is a better choice for plantings.

Build decks and stairs on concrete pads. Regularly treat the area around posts and pads.

Cut clinging vines so they do not grow on the wall of the house. Termites love these.

Keep crawl spaces as dry as possible and sealed if feasible.

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